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Durant Without Westbrook More Effective Than the Inverse

Russell Westbrook had one of the best statistical runs in NBA history with Kevin Durant out for the later half of the season, but was unable to get the Thunder into the playoffs. While he may be the more exciting player Westbrook’s style of play doesn’t lead to wins but Durant’s play does.


During the stretch without Westbrook, Durant scored 35 points a game shooting 52.7% while guiding OKC to a 19-7 record. Westbrook may have scored a gaudy 31.3 points per game in Durant’s absence but he did so shooting 41.7% and the Thunder were only able to achieve a 15-12 record in those games.


When Durant starts shooting high volumes it’s not detrimental to the rest of the team, but when Westbrook cranks up his shots, the team suffers. Without Westbrook and with Durant the Thunder’s team FG% increased from to 46.5% to 48.2%. When Westbrook played without Durant the team experienced a slight decrease going from 45.4% to 45.0%. Durant’s shots were also more efficient then the rest of the team. While Durant was shooting 52.7% the rest of the team was shooting 46.48%. Westbrook was the opposite. He shot 41.7% while the rest of the team was shooting 46.7%.




The efficiency numbers are even more obvious on three pointers. Durant shot 39.9% beyond the arc while the rest of the Thunder were shooting 35%. Westbrook was shooting 30.9% while the rest of the team was shooting 38%.

Westbrook had 19.4 possessions a game that ended in either him missing a shot or turning the ball over. That amounts to 30% of the team’s possessions that end without a score. Durant only had 14.5 for 25% of the team’s possessions without a score. Westbrook also only scored 28% of the team’s points while Durant scored 33.8%.

Durant’s high shooting volume is justified, but Westbrook’s is not. During the ’13-’14 season Durant shot the second most shots per game of any small forward but that is because he had the third highest FG% of any other player at the position. Westbrook ranked 15th in FG% amongst point guards and attempted the most shots per game by 5.2. He shot the ball 31% more than the second highest: Steph Curry who shoots the ball with an adjust FG % 13.9% higher than Russ.


Westbrook and Durant were both high volume shooters when the other was out but Durant’s high number of field goal attempts was in the best interest of the team while Westbrook’s was not.



Durant without Westbrook middle of ’13-’14 (19-7)

26 26 38.7 11.8 22.4 .527 2.6 6.5 .399 8.8 10.1 .878 0.8 6.7 7.5 6.3 1.3 0.7 3.9 35.0 27.5 6.8


Westbrook without Durant final stretch ’14-’15 (15-12)

27 27 36.7 10.2 24.4 .417 1.7 5.5 .309 9.2 11.1 .833 1.8 6.9 8.7 9.9 2.0 0.3 5.2 2.9 31.3 23.6 2.0




Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy to say that a play call that ended in a Super Bowl losing interception is stupid after the fact. It’s not easy to say that before the play happens. With 26 seconds left in the 4th quarter with a timeout down by 4 on the one-yard line Seattle decided to throw on 2nd down. Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson and the game is over. While the play ended in catastrophe Seahawks’ offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s play call was actually the right one.

Reason 1: The Play Call Was Not Risky

Passing from the one is not as risky as it’s being made out to be. In 108 passes this season from the one-yard line 0 were intercepted. In 212 rushes inside the one this season 2 were fumbled.

Additionally Russell Wilson has the 3rd lowest interception rate in the NFL of all quarterbacks with at least 250 passing attempts. Marshawn Lynch ranked 8th in the NFL in fumbles/carry for rushers with at least 150 attempts.

Additionally, in 2014 running plays and passing plays from the one had the exact same touchdown rate, 57.5%.

Reason 2: Less Probability of Negative Yards

During the 2014 season passing plays from the one yielded an average of .42 yards per play while running was .35.

Wilson only threw from the one-yard line once this year and it resulted in a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch had 5 carries from the one-yard line this season for -1 yards and only 1 touchdown. Lynch’s average of -.2 yards per carry from the one was the worst in the NFL for running backs with at least 4 attempts.


Reason 3: Time

In 2014 from the one-yard line the probability of a play ending with the clock running after a passing play was 3.9%. The probability of a run play ending with the clock running in 2014 was 42.5%

Seattle needed to have a chance to run 4 plays order to have the highest probability of scoring from the one. With only one time out Seattle can only have one play end with the clock running in order to have time to use all 4 downs. This means they can only run the ball once on either 2nd or 3rd down and then one more time on fourth. If Seattle runs on second down and uses their time out they would’ve had around 20 seconds left with no timeouts.  By passing on second down a failed attempt would still give them a chance to have one time out on third down. Passing also gives Seattle insurance against a sack. Any failed attempt on third down with the clock still running would have resulted in the game ending or a mad scramble to get the play off in time meaning Seattle would have squandered a fourth attempt to score.

Reason 4: The Match Up Was There


After the first down run in anticipation of another run the Patriots subbed out Devin McCourty leaving only three secondary players on the field: All-Pro corner back Derrell Revis, former All-Pro corner Brandon Browner, and an undrafted rookie cornerback/safety hybrid from West Alabama named Malcolm Butler. For all Seattle knows this is their last chance to throw against this personnel.With three wide receivers in the formation each player was in man coverage. The only help in the middle was linebacker Dont’a Hightower. The play was designed to target Butler, a guy who didn’t step on the field for the first 32 plays of the game and who had 0 career interceptions and only 3 career passes defended.

Unfortunately for Darrell Bevel, Butler made the play of his life and Bevell’s call will go down in infamy as one of the worst of all time. Even though we all now know that it was actually the right call.



After winning the NFC Championship Game Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin ranted against Deion Sanders who said Baldwin and the rest of Seattle’s receivers were “just a’ight.”   Baldwin believes he is better than “just a’ight.” Here is a list of all of the receivers in the NFL better than Baldwin proving that he is “just a’ight.” The “just a’ight” range in my estimation is anywhere from 45th-60th in the NFL or what would be an average number 2 receiver on a roster.


Top of the line wide outs who have to be doubled at all times:

  1. Antonio Brown PIT
  2. Josh Gordon CLE
  3. Dez Bryant DAL
  4. Calvin Johnson DET
  5. A.J. Green CIN
  6. Jordy Nelson GB
  7. Demaryius Thomas DEN
  8. Julio Jones ATL
  9. Odell Beckham Jr. NYG
  10. Alshon Jeffery CHI
  11. T.Y. Hilton IND


Receivers who could be the number one option on most teams:

  1. Jermey Maclin PHI
  2. Kelvin Benjamin CAR
  3. Randal Cobb GB
  4. Emmanuel Sanders DEN
  5. Golden Tate DET
  6. DeSean Jackson WAS
  7. Mike Evans TB
  8. Brandon Marshall CHI
  9. DeAndre Hopkins HOU
  10. Mike Wallace MIA
  11. Roddy White ATL


Players who would be a weak number one receiver but not embarrassing:

  1. Steve Smith Sr. BAL
  2. Sammy Watkins BUF
  3. Victor Cruz NYG
  4. Eric Decker NYJ
  5. Julian Edelman NE
  6. Anquan Boldin SF
  7. Jordan Matthews PHI
  8. Torrey Smith BAL
  9. Vincent Jackson TB
  10. Kennan Allen SD


Players who would help create matchup problems if their teammate is doubled:

  1. Marques Colston NO
  2. Kendall Wright TEN
  3. Brandon LaFell NE
  4. Kenny Stills NO
  5. Malcom Floyd SD
  6. Mohamed Sanu CIN
  7. Ruben Randall NYG
  8. Michael Floyd ARI
  9. Martavis Bryant PIT
  10. Eddie Royal SD
  11. Larry Fitzgerald ARI
  12. Terrance Williams DAL


Players who are serviceable and can make routine plays:

  1. Andre Johnson HOU
  2. Brandin Cooks
  3. Greg Jennings MIN
  4. James Jones OAK
  5. Jarvis Landry MIA
  6. Harry Douglas ATL
  7. Pierre Garcon WAS
  8. Josh Brown ARI
  9. Allen Hurns JAX
  10. Percy Harvin NYJ
  11. Cole Beasley DAL
  13. Reggie Wayne IND
  14. Michael Crabtree SF
  15. Andre Holms OAK
  16. Allen Robinson JAX

How the NCAA Football Playoffs Should Have Been Crafted

Even with the playoff era of college football approaching, the debate of how many teams should be included will never stop. While the number is currently four, it is very possible that in the near future the number will expand. One of the biggest detractors of playoff expansion is that the players will have to play too many games. However this problem could have been avoided if the NCAA had thought through their decision before the mega shift in conferences, which created three conference championship games. The best way to create an NCAA football playoff is to eliminate conference championship games.

Before the turn of the century the SEC and Big XII were the only BCS conferences with championship games. After seeing what a championship game can do for revenue, conferences that previously did not have a championship game scrambled to get to twelve teams and created one. In 2005 the ACC had their inaugural championship game and in 2011 the Pac 12 and Big 10 had theirs. Having a championship game means that the top teams in each conference will play 12 regular season games, a championship game, and a Bowl game giving them a season total of 14. With the 4-team playoff system now in use teams can play up to 15 games (that number could even jump to 16 in unique circumstances.) If the playoffs expand to eight teams, schools could play up to 16 games which some say is too many.

The first SEC Championship Game in 1992

The NCAA and its conferences dropped the ball in the early 2000s by refusing a playoff system. If the conference championship games did not exist and the conferences stayed smaller an 8-team playoff could have been possible. This would be the most optimal way for a champion to be crowned…

The Guidelines:

5 Power Conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, SEC) with preferably 10 teams.

Each power conference plays a round robin schedule and a champion is crowned based upon intra-conference record using head to head match up as a tie-breaker.

Each power conference champion advances to the playoffs as well as three at-large bids.

The first round of games is played at the higher seed’s home field. (The revenue generated by this game will replace the lost revenue from losing a conference championship game.)

The losers of the first round games become eligible for regular bowls.

The final four teams will be placed into semi-finals bowl games as they are now.

The two winners of the semi-finals play the championship game.

It is not too late for the NCAA to ban conference championship games and switch to this 8-team playoff model. It will be more difficult now since the conferences have expanded which would create difficulties in naming a true conference champion but it would be prudent. If this 8-team model had been put in to place this year there would have been no debate about who is the conference champion even without a championship game. The playoff teams would have been:

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Florida State
  4. Ohio State
  5. Baylor
  6. TCU
  7. Michigan State
  8. Arizona

The Big XII is the only Power 5 conference without a championship game.

The teams that earned conference championship games that would have been left out of the playoffs were: Georgia Tech, Missouri, and Wisconsin. None of those three teams were in the top 10 of the playoff standings going into their conference championship games and would not have had an argument as to why they should be in the playoffs.

Currently every year at least one power conference commissioner is upset that they don’t have a team in the playoffs. Switching to eight teams solves the problem and eliminating conference championship games avoids the issue of having too many games.

The Big 12 Needs 12 Teams


The Big 12 was the only power conference to be left out of the College Football Playoffs this year. According to the Big 12 was the third best conference in the nation. Unfortunately because they have no conference championship and therefore have no “true champion” they were left out. In order for a conference to be allowed to have a championship game they must have at least twelve teams and ironically the Big 12 is the only power conference with ten teams. The Big 12 should add two more schools in order to help their chances in the future, but where should they look? Here are the top 10 schools that the Big 12 could poach from lesser conferences.

  1. Louisiana Tech

Location, Ruston LA

Current Conference: C-USA

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 41

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 38

Enrollment: 9,545

Endowment: $94 Million

Low endowment, low enrollment and their “middle of nowhere” location make Louisiana Tech very unlikely. The only thing the Bulldogs have in their favor is both football and basketball have been strong.

  1. Tulane

Location: New Orleans, LA

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 136

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 263

Enrollment: 8,352

Endowment : $1,048 Million

Tulane’s sports teams have been terrible and there are only two private schools in the Big 12 right now. However the school has a high endowment and it is located in New Orleans.

  1. San Diego State

Location: San Diego, CA

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 77

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 18

Enrollment: 27,595

Endowment : $172 Million

Putting a school from San Diego in would make the conference stretch from coast to coast which is not ideal. The good thing about SDSU is it’s in the 28th biggest market and the Aztec basketball team has become one of the best programs on the west coast.

  1. UCF

Location: Orlando, FL

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 57

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 160

Enrollment: 21,138

Endowment : $135.5 Million

Orlando is the 19th biggest media market in the country. The school’s football program has done well in the past and would see a large spike in attendance if they were able to bring in power conference teams.

  1. Fresno State

Location: Fresno, CA

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 93

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 108

Enrollment: 23,060

Endowment : $142.8 Million

Like San Diego State they have a problem because they are a west coast school, which would hurt the conference geography. However the Bulldogs football program has always been strong and basketball is improving.

  1. Boise State

Location: Boise, ID

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 33

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 74

Enrollment: 22,003

Endowment : $83 Million

Their football program is the most consistent of the non-power 5 conference schools and basketball is starting to knock on the door of the NCAA tournament. However their endowment is very small and being in the 112th media market in the country hurts.

  1. Memphis

Location: Memphis, TN

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 44

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 35

Enrollment: 17,222

Endowment : $183.8 Million

The basketball team has always been strong and football is started to bounce back nicely. Being in the Number 44 media market is not bad and they are in a good geographical location.

  1. Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 78

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 129

Enrollment: 32,768

Endowment : $716.4 Million

Houston is the 10th biggest media market in the country, which makes them a strong candidate right away. They are located near the rest of the Big 12 schools making travel easy and their teams have been competitive.

  1. BYU

Location: Provo, UT

Current Conference: Independent

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 49

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 52

Enrollment: 27,978

Endowment : $1,053.2 Million

BYU would make the most sense because of their endowment, traditional strength in both football and basketball and they are not far away from the Big 12’s western schools. They average over 57,000 fans per home games for football and routinely sell out basketball games. The only problem is BYU’s media situation. They have their own network, much like Texas, and will not want to part from that model. If the Big 12 can find a way to iron out the media situation they would be the best option. But because of that headache they find themselves at number two on this list.

  1. Cincinnati

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 44

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 35

Enrollment: 31,983

Endowment : $1,200 Million

The Bearcats are the best option for the Big 12. They have a large endowment, they are in the 34th biggest media market and they are always strong in football and basketball. Their attendance for home football games is low but that number would rise with the higher quality of opponent that the Big 12 would bring in.

Why TCU Should be Ranked Ahead of Baylor


Team A and B both have one loss. Team A lost to the #6 team in the country on the road by three points while Team B lost on the road to an unranked team by 14 points. Both teams are in the same conference and have similar schedules with the exception of Team A playing a ranked opponent out of conference while team B did not. Which team should be ranked higher? It would have to be Team A. TCU is team A, Baylor is team B.

Head to head matchups cannot always be considered. When comparing both teams in a vacuum it would be fair to say that Baylor is better than TCU because of their win against the Horned Frogs. However, the conversation is not which team is better of the two. The conversation is which team is better compared to every other team in the country. Using head to head would result in a never-ending game of six degrees of separation.  “We are better than them because we beat this team, who beat this team, who beat them…ect.”

Let’s theorize what would happen if Missouri beats Alabama in the SEC championship game. They would both have 11-2 records and Missouri would have a win over Alabama. Alabama could still find their way in the playoffs while Missouri has no chance no matter the outcome. Alabama would still deserve a higher ranking because they would have two losses to top 25 teams, one on the road one at a neutral site. Missouri would have two losses at home against one ranked team and another team that ended the season 4-8.

No one would ever argue that Missouri is better than Alabama even though a Tigers’ win would give both teams the same record and give Mizzu the head to head advantage. So why would Baylor have an argument for a higher ranking than TCU?

It’s easy to lose sight of that when two teams are so closely ranked. However, a loss to the #6 team in the country on the road by 3 is a much better loss than losing to an unranked team by 14 on the road. That is not arguable.

NFL 2014 Mid-Season Awards

Most teams in the NFL have now played half their schedule which means it’s time to extrapolate the small sample size of eight games into what could also be considered a small sample size, sixteen games. These are the guys who will be holding hardware at the end of the season…

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning

Whenever a Hall of Famer is putting up some of his career best numbers you know he’s doing something special. Manning leads the NFL in passer rating (119.0) which would be the second highest total of his career. He is on pace to lead the league with 50 touchdown passes, which would also be the second highest total of his career. Additionally he’s on track to only throw 6.86 interceptions, which would be the lowest total of his career.

Offensive Player of the Year: See MVP

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt

Anytime a player is in the top five of Sacks and Pass Deflections, and leads the league in defensive touchdowns and fumble recoveries you know that he has an impact all over the field. That is what Watt is doing. After signing a six year $100 million contract Watt has deserved every penny. Amazingly the Texans defense is still average compared to other teams in the league. Image where Houston would be without Watt.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Jerick McKinnon

Replacing one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NFL is never easy but try doing it as a rookie who has never played the position before. That’s what former college quarterback Jerick McKinnon is doing. Even though he only threw 81 passes to 619 carries at Georgia Southern his transformation is impressive. At this point in the season he only has 392 yards and is yet to score a touchdown but now that he has assumed the starting running back job and is averaging 5.2 yards per carry look for those numbers to rise. He only needs to pick up 76 yards a game the rest of the way for a 1000 yard rushing season.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: C.J. Mosley

While there was a year in between him arriving and Ray Lewis departing, C.J. Mosley also had the task of replacing a legend. Mosley is currently fourth in the NFL in tackles and has a pair of interceptions putting him at the top of the list for linebackers.

Comeback Player of the Year: Kyle Orton

Orton has not been a regular starter in the NFL since 2011 when he was traded away after five games by Denver to make way for Tim Tebow. While Orton has only started four games so far this season he has put up his best passer rating (104.0) , touchdown % (6.4) and touchdown per game (2.25) of his career. He is giving Buffalo a chance to make the post season for the first time since 1999.

Coach of the Year: Bruce Arians

Arians just missed on this award last year but should be a shoe in this year. Before he got the Arizona the Cardinals were 5-11. Since his arrival they went 10-6 in 2013 and are now off to an NFL best 6-1 start. Also factor in the 2012 season where he filled in for Chuck Pagano to bring the Colts from 2-14 to 11-5 with rookie QB Andrew Luck and you are looking at one of the best 3 year stretches for any NFL head coach.

NFL 2014 Over/Under Bets



The Packers and Seahawks kick off the 2014 NFL  tonight.  Vegas has their brainiacs and computers ready to take money from stupid people, like me, at the sports book. Over/Under win bets are a personal favorite so here are my bets for every team heading into this season.



Cardinals Over 7.5

People forget that this team won 10 games with the two best teams in the league in their division. They will be even better this year and will make the playoffs.


Falcons Over 8.5

Last year the wheels fell off. But much like the Saints in ’13 after an abysmal ’12 the Falcons will bounce back.


Ravens Under 8.5

They missed the playoffs for the first time under Harbaugh last year. It will be worse this year. Flacco’s contract has sucked the talent out of this team.


Bills Under 6.5

No quarterback, no hope.


Panthers Under 7.5

Cam Newton has already gotten banged up and the season hasn’t started. They also have to face the NFC North, the Seahawks and the Eagles out of division.




Bears Over 8.5

Cutler and Trestman are a perfect fit.


Bengals Push 9

A mediocre quarterback, mediocre coach, mediocre team.

Browns Under 6.5

The Manziel circus will cause headaches. I heard Josh Gordon has something for that.


Cowboys Over 7.5

“This will finally be the year they break their post season drought,” he said for the third year in a row. But seriously they will this time.

Broncos Over 11.5

The NFL’s rules have adapted to make Manning the best player ever.


Lions Over 8.5

Too much talent to be bad again. Unless Jim Caldwell is as bad as Jim Schwartz.


Packers Over 10.5

Even in a tough division the Packers should rack up 11 wins.


Texans Over 7.5

Fitzpatrick is just duct tape to hold them off for another year, but he’s good enough to not lose them games.


Colts Over 9.5

Andrew Luck vs. the worst division in football.


Jaguars Over 5.5

They showed some signs of life last season. 7 wins would not shock me.


Chiefs Under 8.5

Last year’s win total was an anomaly. The Chiefs lost 6 of their last 8 including the post season.


Dolphins Over 7.5

Won 8 last year and will be slightly better this year.


Vikings Under 6.5

AD is old, they don’t have a quarterback, and they have to play the Packers, Bears, and Lions twice a piece.


Patriots Under 10.5

They always seem to struggle with division opponents no matter how much better they are.




Saints Over 10.5

They will miss Sproles but they will find a way to win the same amount of games as last season, 11.


Giants Under 7.5

Do people realize Eli Manning is terrible yet?


Jets Over 7

It always looks bad going into the season for the Jets but they always figure it out.


Raiders Over 4.5

I believe. I believe that. I believe that Derek Carr will not bust! I believe that Derek Carr will not bust! I believe that Derek Carr will not bust!


Eagles Over 9.5

Foles lead by Kelly looked untouchable last season.



Steelers Under 8.5

Had a down year last year and it will only get worse.


Chargers Over 8.5

There’s no reason to think the Chargers can’t match what they accomplished in ’13.


49ers Under 10.5

As I’ve stated before: no playoffs in Santa Clara this season.


Seahawks Under 11.5

Too big of a bull’s eye on their back this year.


Rams Over 6.5

Shaun Hill is good enough to help this team sneak out 8 wins.


Buccaneers Under 7.5

Great new uniforms, now they just need a new team.


Titians Over 7.5

Don’t sleep on Jake Locker.


Redskins Under 7.5

RG3weeks and then I’m sitting on the bench.

Top 10 NFL Back up QBs





With Sam Bradford out for the season the Rams turn to Shaun Hill at quarterback. While teams never want to have to depend on a back up quarterback, it is important to have a reliable option in case of emergency. So who has the best clipboard holders in the NFL? Here’s the top 10 (NOTE: Rookies were not included):


  1. Kirk Cousins WAS

He struggled at the end of last season when he was able to start the final three games for the “injured” Robert Griffin III. However that may have been more of a consequence of playing under a coach who had lost his team than a reflection of Cousins’ talent.

  1. Mike Glennon TB

Last season as a rookie Glennon stepped into the starting quarterback role for Josh Freeman who was given the boot. In 13 games he threw for 2,608 yards, 19 TDs and only 9 INTs.

  1. Shaun Hill STL

Hill will be the starting quarterback when the season opens due to an injury to Sam Bradford, but since he is still technically a backup he makes the list. When he was with the 49ers and Lions he was asked to step in for injured quarterbacks 23 times and has held down the fort with a respectable QB Rating of 81; 16 TDs and 12 INTs.

  1. Matt Hasselbeck IND

Entering his 16th season there is not much that opposing defenses can throw at Hasselbeck that he hasn’t seen before. His skills have diminished but his experience will ensure that he doesn’t make any mistakes if asked to step in for Andrew Luck.

  1. Jason Campbell CIN

Campbell had a lot of bad luck in his NFL career. In Washington he had to learn new offenses seemingly every season and when things were starting to look up for him in Oakland his season was cut short due to an injury. Last year he was one of the Browns’ three starting quarterbacks and performed well throwing for 223 yards per game and 11 TDs and 9 INTs.

  1. Michael Vick NYJ

Vick might find himself starting before the end of the 2014 season. Even at the age of 34 he is still a threat to run as well as pass.

  1. Matt Moore MIA

Moore has only had a few opportunities to show what he can do but he has made the most of them. In 2011 he was asked to start 12 games and he was able to rack up 2,497 passing yards and 16 TDs with an 87.1 quarterback rating.

  1. Kellen Clemens SD

Clemens stepped in for Sam Bradford last year and while he didn’t set the world on fire he was able to provide the Rams with consistent quarterback play. With a better supporting cast his numbers would have been better.

  1. Mark Sanchez PHI

Sanchez has gotten a bad reputation ever since his disaster of a season in 2012 in New York. People are quick to forget that he was good enough to lead the Jets deep into the post season twice.

  10. Christian Ponder MIN

He is a disappointment in Minnesota because the Vikings wasted a first round pick on him. But as far as backups go Ponder can provide value.   In 2012 when he played 16 games he threw for 2,935 yards, 18 TDs and 12 INTs for a QB Rating of 81.2. While those numbers aren’t going to put him in the Pro Bowl they are good enough for Ponder to be the number two option for a team