The Big 12 Needs 12 Teams


The Big 12 was the only power conference to be left out of the College Football Playoffs this year. According to the Big 12 was the third best conference in the nation. Unfortunately because they have no conference championship and therefore have no “true champion” they were left out. In order for a conference to be allowed to have a championship game they must have at least twelve teams and ironically the Big 12 is the only power conference with ten teams. The Big 12 should add two more schools in order to help their chances in the future, but where should they look? Here are the top 10 schools that the Big 12 could poach from lesser conferences.

  1. Louisiana Tech

Location, Ruston LA

Current Conference: C-USA

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 41

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 38

Enrollment: 9,545

Endowment: $94 Million

Low endowment, low enrollment and their “middle of nowhere” location make Louisiana Tech very unlikely. The only thing the Bulldogs have in their favor is both football and basketball have been strong.

  1. Tulane

Location: New Orleans, LA

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 136

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 263

Enrollment: 8,352

Endowment : $1,048 Million

Tulane’s sports teams have been terrible and there are only two private schools in the Big 12 right now. However the school has a high endowment and it is located in New Orleans.

  1. San Diego State

Location: San Diego, CA

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 77

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 18

Enrollment: 27,595

Endowment : $172 Million

Putting a school from San Diego in would make the conference stretch from coast to coast which is not ideal. The good thing about SDSU is it’s in the 28th biggest market and the Aztec basketball team has become one of the best programs on the west coast.

  1. UCF

Location: Orlando, FL

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 57

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 160

Enrollment: 21,138

Endowment : $135.5 Million

Orlando is the 19th biggest media market in the country. The school’s football program has done well in the past and would see a large spike in attendance if they were able to bring in power conference teams.

  1. Fresno State

Location: Fresno, CA

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 93

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 108

Enrollment: 23,060

Endowment : $142.8 Million

Like San Diego State they have a problem because they are a west coast school, which would hurt the conference geography. However the Bulldogs football program has always been strong and basketball is improving.

  1. Boise State

Location: Boise, ID

Current Conference: MWC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 33

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 74

Enrollment: 22,003

Endowment : $83 Million

Their football program is the most consistent of the non-power 5 conference schools and basketball is starting to knock on the door of the NCAA tournament. However their endowment is very small and being in the 112th media market in the country hurts.

  1. Memphis

Location: Memphis, TN

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 44

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 35

Enrollment: 17,222

Endowment : $183.8 Million

The basketball team has always been strong and football is started to bounce back nicely. Being in the Number 44 media market is not bad and they are in a good geographical location.

  1. Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 78

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 129

Enrollment: 32,768

Endowment : $716.4 Million

Houston is the 10th biggest media market in the country, which makes them a strong candidate right away. They are located near the rest of the Big 12 schools making travel easy and their teams have been competitive.

  1. BYU

Location: Provo, UT

Current Conference: Independent

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 49

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 52

Enrollment: 27,978

Endowment : $1,053.2 Million

BYU would make the most sense because of their endowment, traditional strength in both football and basketball and they are not far away from the Big 12’s western schools. They average over 57,000 fans per home games for football and routinely sell out basketball games. The only problem is BYU’s media situation. They have their own network, much like Texas, and will not want to part from that model. If the Big 12 can find a way to iron out the media situation they would be the best option. But because of that headache they find themselves at number two on this list.

  1. Cincinnati

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Current Conference: AAC

2014 Football Saragin Rank: 44

2013 Basketball Saragin Rank: 35

Enrollment: 31,983

Endowment : $1,200 Million

The Bearcats are the best option for the Big 12. They have a large endowment, they are in the 34th biggest media market and they are always strong in football and basketball. Their attendance for home football games is low but that number would rise with the higher quality of opponent that the Big 12 would bring in.

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  1. Memphis has autozone and fed ex backing them 44th largest tv market top 10 in basketball attendence over ten years and football has the most improved program in the nation should finish ranked.

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