NFL 2014 Over/Under Bets



The Packers and Seahawks kick off the 2014 NFL  tonight.  Vegas has their brainiacs and computers ready to take money from stupid people, like me, at the sports book. Over/Under win bets are a personal favorite so here are my bets for every team heading into this season.



Cardinals Over 7.5

People forget that this team won 10 games with the two best teams in the league in their division. They will be even better this year and will make the playoffs.


Falcons Over 8.5

Last year the wheels fell off. But much like the Saints in ’13 after an abysmal ’12 the Falcons will bounce back.


Ravens Under 8.5

They missed the playoffs for the first time under Harbaugh last year. It will be worse this year. Flacco’s contract has sucked the talent out of this team.


Bills Under 6.5

No quarterback, no hope.


Panthers Under 7.5

Cam Newton has already gotten banged up and the season hasn’t started. They also have to face the NFC North, the Seahawks and the Eagles out of division.




Bears Over 8.5

Cutler and Trestman are a perfect fit.


Bengals Push 9

A mediocre quarterback, mediocre coach, mediocre team.

Browns Under 6.5

The Manziel circus will cause headaches. I heard Josh Gordon has something for that.


Cowboys Over 7.5

“This will finally be the year they break their post season drought,” he said for the third year in a row. But seriously they will this time.

Broncos Over 11.5

The NFL’s rules have adapted to make Manning the best player ever.


Lions Over 8.5

Too much talent to be bad again. Unless Jim Caldwell is as bad as Jim Schwartz.


Packers Over 10.5

Even in a tough division the Packers should rack up 11 wins.


Texans Over 7.5

Fitzpatrick is just duct tape to hold them off for another year, but he’s good enough to not lose them games.


Colts Over 9.5

Andrew Luck vs. the worst division in football.


Jaguars Over 5.5

They showed some signs of life last season. 7 wins would not shock me.


Chiefs Under 8.5

Last year’s win total was an anomaly. The Chiefs lost 6 of their last 8 including the post season.


Dolphins Over 7.5

Won 8 last year and will be slightly better this year.


Vikings Under 6.5

AD is old, they don’t have a quarterback, and they have to play the Packers, Bears, and Lions twice a piece.


Patriots Under 10.5

They always seem to struggle with division opponents no matter how much better they are.




Saints Over 10.5

They will miss Sproles but they will find a way to win the same amount of games as last season, 11.


Giants Under 7.5

Do people realize Eli Manning is terrible yet?


Jets Over 7

It always looks bad going into the season for the Jets but they always figure it out.


Raiders Over 4.5

I believe. I believe that. I believe that Derek Carr will not bust! I believe that Derek Carr will not bust! I believe that Derek Carr will not bust!


Eagles Over 9.5

Foles lead by Kelly looked untouchable last season.



Steelers Under 8.5

Had a down year last year and it will only get worse.


Chargers Over 8.5

There’s no reason to think the Chargers can’t match what they accomplished in ’13.


49ers Under 10.5

As I’ve stated before: no playoffs in Santa Clara this season.


Seahawks Under 11.5

Too big of a bull’s eye on their back this year.


Rams Over 6.5

Shaun Hill is good enough to help this team sneak out 8 wins.


Buccaneers Under 7.5

Great new uniforms, now they just need a new team.


Titians Over 7.5

Don’t sleep on Jake Locker.


Redskins Under 7.5

RG3weeks and then I’m sitting on the bench.

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