NCAA Football: BREAKING NEWS! National Signing Day is Stupid!

LSU commit Leonard Fournette was this year's top recruit.

LSU commit Leonard Fournette was this year’s top recruit.

I will post this every year until people get the message…

There is always uncertainty when players make a jump up in competition level but there is no greater uncertainty than college football recruiting.  Instead of rambling on about why this is the case I’ll just give you the numbers.

Here is this year’s first and second team All-Americans, their star rating, and position rankings followed by the 2010 class’s 5-star recruits:

1st and 2nd team2_Page_1 1st and 2nd team2_Page_2The average star rating was a 3.4 and the average ranking for each player’s position was  54.7.  Meaning that there should have been 54 players better than these guys in their position not just in college football, but in their graduating class.

Here are the 5-star rated players from 2010: (Click to view bigger)


14 (28%) of the 5-stars from  four years ago turned out to be elite players while 21 (42%) of them were busts and 5 (10%) of them couldn’t finish their careers at their schools for different reasons.  The other 10 (20%) were just quality D1-FBS players.

Enjoy your stars and recruiting rankings everybody but know that  they are worthless until the kids play for real.

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