Manziel Should Hope He is Suspended For a Year


There are 1900% more elephants born without tusks in areas of Africa with poachers than the rest of the world. This species has adapted over time to survive in an ever changing environment. Johnny Manziel won a Heisman and now his environment is changing. He’s not an anonymous figure anymore; he’s the center of attention. Manziel needs to start adapting to his environment so that he can survive.  A season long suspension would be good for Manziel because it will help him realize that he needs to start being smarter about what he does off the field.

“I’m just 20 years old… I’m doing exactly what I did last year.”  Manziel uses these same excuses every time he gets in trouble.  After allegedly being paid to autograph memorabilia he finds himself in a situation where he could get face a punishment and his unapologetic excuses may not be enough to save him.  If he finally loses football because of his actions he will start to understand what he does off the field can impact him on the field.

Vick's crime and punishment were worse, but the lesson is the same.

Vick’s crime and punishment were worse, but the lesson is the same.

Michael Vick had to sit out two seasons for something he did totally unrelated to football.  Though Vick had to serve jail time and Manziel will not the lesson Vick learned was the same; his personal life can effect his career.  Vick had behavioral issues before he got into serious trouble.  He was connected to marijuana distributers in 2004  had two separate incidences with airport security and a couple other minor issues that made it into newspapers.   None of these things hurt his career so he didn’t change his lifestyle but after getting caught running dog fighting ring he started to wise up.  He lost his job, his money and his reputation.  When Vick came back he appeared to be a changed man and has kept his name out of police reports.  Even if he hasn’t changed at least he is aware that he needs to be careful.

Winning a Hiesman is life changing.

Winning a Hiesman is life changing.

For Johnny, learning this lesson now is much better than learning it later.   College is a time for the boys to grow up and become men.  Part of that is developing a greater sense of personal responsibility and maturing enough to distinguish what’s wrong and what’s right.   A stern punishment form the NCAA will help him understand that there are ramifications for his poor judgment.  As a collegiate athlete he won’t lose any money or endorsements by being suspended, but he will if he gets in trouble as a pro. His brand name will take a hit now, but he will have enough time to try to fix it before his brand really matters.

Just like Manziel’s world, the media is evolving too.  TMZ is starting to focus on athletes, and social media makes it too easy for the public to get information and gossip.  Manziel needs to learn that a game face off the field is just as important as a game face on the field.  He has already put a target on his back because of what he has done over the last eight months.  Anyone with a smart phone will be waiting for Johnny to do something stupid so they can make a quick buck off the evidence.


Now is the perfect time for Johnny to get rid of his tusks and save himself from poachers.  He is the biggest target for the media and “journalists” with smart phones.  The sooner he realizes this and makes a change, the better.  Johnny should hope he gets a harsh punishment, like a season suspension, from the NCAA because it will be good for him in the long run.

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