2013 MLB Cheat Sheet

Baseball season is approaching so it is time to study up fast.  To help, here is a cheat sheet with each team’s starting lineups and enough information to fool everyone into thinking you were paying attention this offseason.  Teams are listed in predicted order of finish, pre-season All-Stars in Bold:

AL East


Buehrle, Reyes, and Johnson all come north from Miami to Toronto.

Blue Jays

  1. Jose Reyes                        SS                                1.  R.A Dickey
  2. Melky Cabrera                    LF                               2.  Josh Johnson
  3. Jose Bautista                  RF                              3.  Mark Buehrle (L)
  4. Edwin Encarnacion    1B                               4. Brandon Morrow
  5. Colby Rasmus                     CF                              5. J.A. Happ (L)
  6. Brett Lawery                        3B                              C- Casey Janssen
  7. JP Arencibia                        C
  8. Adam Lind                          DH
  9. Emilion Bonifacio             2B

The Blue Jays are this year’s trendy pick.  While trendy picks normally don’t live up to expectations, it is hard to argue against the Jays.  Toronto made some major moves this offseason. The Jays added 2012 NL Cy Young winner, R.A Dickey and acquired Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buhrle at the Marlins’ yard sale.  Toronto also grabbed Melkey “Asterisk” Cabrera  to throw in a lineup  that already has potential 40 HR hitters Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.  The talent should be more than enough for  John Gibbions to make World Series contender in his second stint in Toronto (305-305 record managing the Jays from ’04-‘08.)



Adam Jones and Chris Davis

  1. Brian Roberts                      2B                                1.  Jason Hammel
  2. Nick Markakis                    LF                               2.  Wei-Yin Chen (L)
  3. Adam Jones                     CF                               3.  Chris Tillman
  4. Chris Davis                          1B                               4. Miguel Gonzalez
  5. Matt Wieters                        C                                 5. Jair Jurrjens
  6. J.J. Hardy                           SS                                C- Jim Johnson
  7. Manny Machado              3B
  8. Wilson Betemit                 DH
  9. Nate McLouth                    2B

Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Manny Machado and Chris Davis are all under 27 and will build upon their success last season.  The O’s have one of the best closers in baseball, Jim Johnson, however the starting staff is filled with #3 quality guys. The rotation will be to blame if Baltimore does not make the post season.



David Price and Evan Longoria

  1. Desmond Jennings           CF                                1.  David Price (L)
  2. Ben Zobrist                          RF                               2.  Jeremy Hellickson
  3. Evan Longoria               3B                               3.  Matt Moore (L)
  4. Matt Joyce                           LF                               4. Alex Cobb
  5. Kelly Johnson                     1B                               5. Jeff Nieman
  6. Luke Scott                           DH                               C- Fernando Rodney
  7. Yunel Escobar                   SS
  8. James Loney                     1B
  9. Jose Molina                      C

A very strong starting rotation lead by 2012 AL Cy Young winner David Price, Jermey Hellickson and Matt Moore will carry Tampa this season.  Evan Longoria is going to have to do the work on offense in a lineup that is very pedestrian.

Red Sox

J.P. Arencibia, Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury                     CF                 1.  Jon Lester (L)
  2. Dustin Pedroia                           2B                2.  Clay Buchholz
  3. Mike Napoli                                1B                 3.  Ryan Dempster
  4. David Ortiz                                  DH                4. Felix Doubront (L)
  5. Will Middlebrooks                     3B                5. John Lackey
  6. Shane Victorino                          RF              C- Joel Hanrahan
  7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia              C
  8. Jackie Bradley                               LF
  9. Steven Drew                                  SS

Boston made an effort reload by adding Shane Victorino, Stephen Drew, Johnny Gomes and Mike Nappoli.  They also add through the farm with rookie and former College World Series hero, Jackie Bradley.  Even with a quality lineup, a pitching staff driven by John Lester, Ryan Dempster and Clay Buchholz is not strong enough to make a serious run in this division.



Injuries will be the story in New York this season. Mariano Rivera is coming back from a season ending knee injury.

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Ichiro Suzuki                      RF2. Derek Jeter                        SS3. Robinson Cano                2B4. Curtis Granderson              LF

5. Mark Texiera                     1B

6. Kevin Youkilis                    3B

7. Travis Halfner                   DH

8. Chris Stewart                     C

9. Brett Gardner                    CF

1. CC Sabathia (L)2. Hiroki Kuroda3. Andy Pettitte (L)4. Phil Hughes

5. Ivan Nova

Closer- Mariano Rivera

Everything going into the season looks great for New York, except the ages.  Old age leads to injuries, injuries lead to losses. Jeter and Rivera are both coming off injuries, A-Rod’s availability is a giant question (Mark) Teixera and Curtis Granderson will start the season on the DL and ace CC Sabathia will come into the season nursing an elbow injury.

AL Central



Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Austin Jackson                   CF2. Torii Hunter                       RF3. Miguel Cabrera                3B4. Prince Fielder                  1B

5. Victor Martinez                  DH

6. Andy Dirks                        LF

7. Alex Avila                         C

8. Omar Infante                    2B

9. Jhonny Peralta                  SS

1. Justin Verlander  2. Max Scherzer3. Doug Fister4. Anibal Sanchez

5. Rick Pocello

Closer- Bruce Rondon

Verlander, Scherzer, and Fister will be one of the best 1-3 starters in baseball.  Add to that a lineup featuring the triple crown winner, Miguel Cabrera, and three players; Austin Jackson, Tori Hunter, and Prince Fielder, who hit over 16 HRs and batted over .300 last season.   It is hard to pick against Detroit in any division.

White Sox


Chris Sale

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Alejandro De Aza               CF2. Jeff Keppinger                   3B3. Alex Rios                          RF4. Paul Konerko                   1B

5. Adam Dunn                       DH

6. Dayan Viciedo                    LF

7. Alexi Ramirez                    SS

8. Tyler Flowers                     C

9. Gordon Bechham              2B

1. Chris Sale (L)2. Jake Peavy3. John Danks (L)4. Gavin Flyd

5. Jose Quintana (L)

Closer- Addison Reed

The one-two punch of Sale and Peavy at the top of the rotation will be hard to beat.  Chicago was third in the Majors in HRs last season and still have their big home run hitters, Paul Konerko, Adm Dunn, Alex Rios, and Dayan Viciedo.  The Sox acquired “for average hitter” Jeff Keppinger who should give them some diversity at the plate.  Chicago should have a decent shot at the wild card, but will have a tough time passing the teams in the other AL divisions.



Justin Masterson

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Michael Bourn                   CF2. Michael Brantley               LF3. Nick Swisher                    1B4. Mark Reynolds                 DH

5. Carlos Santana                 C

6. Jason Kipnis                     2B

7. Asdrubal Cabrera             SS

8. Drew Stubbs                    RF

9. Lonnie Chisenhall             3B

1. Justin Masterson2. Ubaldo Jimenez3. Brett Myers4. Daisuke Matsuzaka

5. Zach McAllister

Closer- Chris Perez

Terry Francona steps in as the manager on a team that could surprise this season.  They add Nick Swisher, Mark Reyolds, Drew Stubbs, and late free agent signee Michael Bourn.  The rotation is the weakness of this roster, but if Justin Masterson, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Brett Myers can figure it out they should have what it takes to at least be in the conversation come September.



Billy Butler

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Alex Gordon                      LF2. Alcides Escobar                 SS3. Billy Butler                      DH4. Mike Moustakas                3B

5. Eric Hosmer                     1B

6. Salvador Perez                 C

7. Jeff Francoeur                  RF

8. Lorenzo Cain                    CF

9. Chris Getz                        2B

1. James Shields2. Jeremy Guthrie3. Ervin Santana4. Wade Davis

5. Bruce Chen (L)

Closer- Greg Holland

The Royals have five position players, Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, Jeff Francoeur, Mike Moustakas, and Eric Hosmer with 20 HR capability. They will also give exciting young Venezuelan catcher Salvador Perez a chance to play everyday. Pitching will be an issue.  Kansas City has to hope that former Rays, James Shields and Wade Davis can hold their shaky rotation together.



Joe Mauer

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Darin Mastroianni             CF2. Jamey Carroll                  2B3. Joe Mauer                       C4. Josh Willingham               LF

5. Justin Morneau                 1B

6. Ryan Doumit                    DH

7. Chris Parmelee                 RF

8. Trevor Plouffe                  3B

9. Pedro Florimon Jr.            SS

1. Vance Worley2. Kevin Correia3. Mike Pelfrey4. Liam Hendricks

5. Brian Duensing (L)

Closer- Glen Perkins (L)

Joe Mauer will do his best to win with the supporting cast of Josh Willingham, who is coming off a career year that he will not duplicate, Justin Mourneu and Trevor Plouff.  The pitching staff’s “ace” will be the inconsistent 25 year old Vance Worley; which should say everything that’s needed to say to describe the talent in the rotation.

AL West



Mike Trout

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Mike Trout                      LF2. Erick Aybar                      SS3. Albert Pujols                  1B4. Josh Hamilton                RF

5. Mark Trumbo                   DH

6. Howie Kendrick                2B

7. Alberto Callaspo               3B

8. Chris Iannetta                   C

9. Peter Boujos                    CF

1. Jarred Weaver  2. C.J. Wilson (L)3. Joe Blanton4. Jason Vargas (L)

5. Tommy Hanson

Closer- Ernesto Fieri

Trout. Pujols. Hamilton.  Opposing pitchers will have a rough go of it navigating through a lineup with these three potential MVPs in the same lineup.  But that’s just the beginning.  Los Angeles of Anaheim also has the dangerous Mike Trumbo and the reliable hitting middle infielders Howie Kendrick and Eric Aybar.  On the mound the Angels are solid one through five headlined by perennial all-star, Jeff Weaver, and last year’s free agent prize, CJ Wilson.



Parker, Anderson, Milone the new Hudson, Mulder, Zito?

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Coco Crisp                         CF2. Seth Smith                         DH3. Yoenis Cespedes              LF4. Josh Reddick                      RF

5. Brandon Moss                    1B

6. Jed Lowrie                         3B

7. Hiroyuki Nakajima              SS

8. John Jaso                           C

9. Jamile Weeks                     2B

1. Brett Anderson (L)2. Jarrod Parker3. Tom Milone (L)4. A.J. Griffin

5. Dan Straily

Closer- Ryan Cook

Everybody’s darling last season will be strong again this year.  Oakland has an impressive young pitching staff reminiscent of the Zito, Hudsen, Mulder days with Brett Anderson, Jarrod Parker, Tom Milone, AJ Griffin and Dan Straily.  However, they are not a sure thing yet because none of them have been tested for more then a full season with the exception of Anderson.  The lineup will look very similar to last year’s playoff team plus the addition of eight-time Japanese league all-star shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima and veteran outfielder Chris Young.  If at least three of their five young starters continue to pitch at a high level they could find themselves in a wild card spot.



Jurikson Profar

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Ian Kinsler                        2B2. Elvis Andrus                      SS3. Adrian Beltre                   3B4. Nelson Cruz                       RF

5. Lance Berkman                 DH

6. David Murphy                    LF

7. A.J. Pierzynski                   C

8. Mitch Moreland                  1B

9. Leonys Martin                    CF

1. Yu Darvish  2. Derek Holland (L)3. Matt Harrison (L)4. Alexi Ogando

5. Robbie Ross (L)

Closer- Joe Nathan

Texas will try to replace Hamilton, Nappoli and Young with Lance Berkman, and AJ Pierzynski.  Nineteen year old, Jurikson Profar, is Baseball America’s #1 prospect. Unfortunately he plays positions already filled by Elvis Anduws, Ian Kinsler, and Andrean Beltre. Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, Derrek Holland and Alexi Ogando are the strongest 1-4 in the league.  They should be serious contenders in the wild card.



Felix Hernandez

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Michael Saunders             RF2. Franklin Gutierrez             CF3. Kendrys Morales               DH4. Michael Morse                   LF

5. Kyle Seager                     3B

6. Jesus Montero                   C

7. Dustin Ackley                   2B

8. Justin Smaok                   1B

9. Bredan Ryan                    SS

1. Felix Hernandez  2. Joe Saunders (L)3. Hisshi Iwakuma4. Ernesto Ramirez

5. Blake Beavan

Closer- Tom Wihelmsen

Seattle resigned King Felix to a mega deal that will keep him around for the next seven years.  The M’s also opened up the checkbook to bring in pitcher Joe Saunders, sluggers Mike Morse, Kendrys Morales, and to bring back 41 year old Raul Ibanez.  Seattle will be no joke but the division is too difficult this season.



The Astros got new uniforms, but who are they going to put in them?

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Tyler Greene                      SS2. Jose Altuve                         2B3. Brett Wallace                      3B4. Carlos Pena                        DH

5. Chris Carter                        LF

6. Justin Maxwell                     CF

7. Jason Castro                       C

8. Fernando Martinez               RF

9. Matt Dominguez                  3B

1. Bud Norris2. Lucas Harrell3. Jordan Lyles4. Phil Humber

5. Erik Bedard (L)

Closer- Jose Veras

Only important things to note here; Houston goes from being the biggest joke in the NL to the biggest joke AL.  Opening day payroll: $32 million or Alex Rodriguez’s annual salary in 2010. Have fun.

NL East


Baltimore Orioles v Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper and Steven Strasburg

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Denard Span                     CF2. Ian Desmond                    SS3. Bryce Harper                   LF4. Ryan Zimmerman          3B

5. Adam LaRoche                   1B

6. Jayson Werth                     RF

7. Danny Espinosa                 2B

8. Kurt Suzuki                        C

1. Steven Strasburg  2. Gio Gonzalez (L)3. Jordan Zimmerman4. Dan Haren

5. Ross Detwiler (L)

Closer- Rafael Soriano

It is amazing what losing at the right time can get you.  For the Nats it was Steven Strasburg and Bryce Harper in back to back drafts.  Surrounding Harper in the lineup will be Ian Desmond, Ryan Zimmerman, and Adam LaRoche whom all hit over 25 HRs last season.  Washington also has the deepest bench in the league.  On the mound Strasburg is joined by last year’s 21 game winner Gio Gonzalez, and 2.94 ERA pitcher Jeff Zimmerman.   Something interesting to keep an eye on: former pitcher Micah Owings will try to make the team as a first baseman.



Jason Heyward, BJ Upton, Justin Upton

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Andrelton Simmons           SS2. Jason Heyward                  RF3. Justin Upton                   LF4. Freddie Freeman              1B

5. B.J. Upton                        CF

6. Brian McCann                    C

7. Dan Uggla                          2B

8. Juan Francisco                   3B

1. Tim Hudson2. Kris Medlen3. Mike Minor (L)4. Paul Maholm (L)

5. Julio Theran

Closer- Craig Kimbrel

Justin Upton, BJ Upton, and Jason Heyward are all 20HR/20SB type guys and will be joined by power hitters Freddie Freeman, Dan Uggla and Brian McCann in the line up.  Craig Kimbrel is one of the best closers in baseball in a bullpen that is rivaled by few.  But who will get them the ball?  Tim Hudson is a solid front of the rotation guy but he’s the only sure thing. Kris Medlen was unhittable while making the change from reliever to starter last season but he is still unproven. Atlanta needs someone else from the rotation to step up or else they will be watching the postseason from home.



Cole Hamels

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Ben Revere                        CF2. Jimmy Rollins                     SS3. Chase Utley                      2B4. Ryan Howard                     1B

5. Michael Young                    3B

6.Lance Nix                           LF

7. Delmon Young                    RF

8. Erik Kratz                           C

1. Cole Hamels (L)2. Roy Halladay3. Cliff Lee (L)4. Kyle Kendrick

5. John Lannan

Closer- Johnathan Papelbon

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard will finally come into the season healthy this year.  Philly adds Michael and Delmon Young from free agency, which will help the lineup.  The pitching staff is led by the three-headed monster of Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee.  The Phillies will be competitive.



Lucas Duda

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Kirk Nieuwenhuis             CF2. Daniel Murphy                  2B3. David Wright                  3B4. Ike Davis                         1B

5. Lucas Duda                      LF

6. Marln Byrd                       RF

7. John Buck                        C

8. Ruben Tejada                   SS

1. Jon Niese (L)2. Sean Marcum3. Matt Harvey4. Dillion Gee

5. Jeremy Hefner

Closer- Bobby Parnell

Wright, Davis, and Duda are all power threats in the middle of the lineup but the rest of the team, including the pitching staff, is just mediocre.



Giancarlo Stanton

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Juan Pierre                       LF2. Placido Polanco                 3B3. Giancarlo Stanton           RF4. Logan Morrison                 1B

5. Justin Ruggiano                 3B

6. Rob Brantly                      C

7. Donovan Solano               2B

8. Adeiny Hechavarria          SS

1. Ricky Nolasco2. Henderson Alvarez3. Wade LeBlanc (L)4. Nathan Eovaldi

5. Jacob Turner

Closer- Steve Cishek

Owner Jeffery Loria did not care enough about his team to keep any of his big money players, so I don’t care enough to write anything about his team.

NL Central



Carlos Beltran

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. John Jay                             CF2. Allen Craig                         1B3. Matt Holliday                    LF4. Carlos Beltran                    RB

5. David Freese                      3B

6. Yadier Molina                   C

7. Matt Carpenter                   2B

8. Pete Kozma                       SS

1. Adam Wainwright2. Jake Westbrook3. Jaime Garcia (L)4. Lance Lynn

5. Shelby Miller

Closer- Jason Motte

Matt Holliday, Allen Craig, the resurgent Carlos Beltran, David Freese, and Yadier Molina are all capable of hitting over .300 with 20 HRs making this the best lineup in the NL.  John Jay will provide speed at the top, and Matt Carpenter will get his chance to prove what he’s worth after a hot spring and an opening at second base due to Rafeal Furcal’s injury, which moved Pete Kozma to short.  Adam Wainwright is the Cards’ go-to starter in a rotation filled with quality arms including the exciting 22-year old rookie Shelby Miller.



Mat Latos

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Shin-Soo Choo                CF2. Brandon Phillips              2B3. Joey Votto                    1B4. Jay Bruce                       RF

5. Ryan Ludwick                  LF

6. Todd Frazier                   3B

7. Zack Cozart                    SS

8. Ryan Hanigan                  C

1. Johnny Cueto2. Mat Latos  3. Bronson Arroyo4. Homer Bailey

5. Aroldis Chapman

Closer- Johnathan Bronxton

2010 MVP Joey Votto, and long ball hitters Jay Bruce, Ryan Ludwick, and Brandon Phillips are the focal points in a lineup that finished third in the NL in HRs last season.  Cincinnati also added Shin-Soo Choo via free agency.  The rotation will be fun to watch with power pitchers Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos at the top, and 100+MPH flame thrower Aroldis Chapman making the jump from the bullpen to the starting rotation.



Andrew McCutchen celebrating a walk-off with his teammates.

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Staling Marte                      LF2. Neil Walker                        2B3. Andrew McCutchen           CF4. Garrett Jones                     1B

5. Pedro Alvarez                    3B

6. Russell Martin                     C

7. Travis Snider                     RF

8. Clint Barmes                      SS

1. A.J. Burnett2. Wandy Rodriguez (L)3. James McDonald4. Jeff Karstens

5. Kyle McPherson

Closer- Jason Grilli

MLB The Show 13 cover boy Andrew McCutchen and deep ball threats Garret Jones and Pedro Alvarez’s stats from last season are more impressive than the numbers show because of size of PNC Park.  The pitching staff should be decent enough to make the Pirates competitive, but not enough for them to make the jump to the post season.



Top prospect Jean Segura

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Norichika Aoki                     RF2. Rickie Weeks                      2B3. Ryan Braun                       LF4. Aramis Ramirez                 3B

5. Corey Hart                         1B

6. Jonathan Lucroy                  C

7. Carlos Gomez                     RF

8. Jean Segura                       SS

1. Yovani Gallardo2. Marco Estrada3. Michael Fiers4. Chris Narveson (L)

5. Wily Peralta

Closer- John Axford

A good team stuck in a good division.  Corey Hart will be out for the beginning portion of the season, but Ryan Bruan and Aramis Ramirez should be able to pick up the slack in his absence.  Keep an eye on Jean Segura, one of the pieces Millwakee got back in the Grinke deal with the Angels, as he gets set to play his first full season in the Bigs.  Yocani Gallardo is a quality guy at the top of the rotation but the rest of the starters are pretty pedestrian.



Anthony Rizzo

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. David DeJesus                   CF2. Starlin Castro                    SS3. Anthony Rizzo                1B4. Alfonso Soriano                 LF

5. Nate Schierholtz                RF

6. Ian Stewart                       3B

7. Wellington Castillo              C

8. Darwin Barney                   2B

1. Jeff Samardzija2. Edwin Jackson3. Scott Feldman4. Travis Wood (L)

5. Carlos Villanueva

Closer- Carlos Marmol

The lovable losers will be at it again.  Chicago may have struck gold trading for Anthony Rizzo but there is not much else in the lineup.  The whole pitching staff is nothing but a giant hole in the roster.

NL West



Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Hanley Ramirez                   SS2. Carl Crawford                    LF3. Matt Kemp                        CF4. Adrian Gonzalez              1B

5. Andre Ethier                    RF

6. Luis Cruz                            3B

7. A.J. Ellis                               C

8. Mark Ellis                           2B

1. Clayton Kershaw (L)2. Zack Greinke3. Josh Beckett4. Hyun-Jin Ryu

5. Chad Billingsley (L)

Closer: Kenley Jansen

Not even manager, Don Mattingly, can mess this up.  Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez are two of the best hitters in baseball and they will be well protected in the lineup by Andre Ethier and should have a multitude of RBI opportunities with Hanley Ramirez and Carl Crawford in front of them.  The starting rotation is deep starting with 2011 Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw and the newly acquired Zack Greinke.  LA also adds Josh Beckett who should be out for redemption after an ugly ending to his Red Sox tenure.  Ted Lilly, Chris Capuano and Chad Bllingsley could all be middle of the rotation guys on any other team.  Instead they are all fighting for he last spot in the rotation.



Buster Posey

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Angel Pagan                      CF2. Marco Scutaro                   2B3. Pablo Sandoval               3B4. Buster Posey                    C

5. Hunter Pence                    RF

6. Brandon Belt                     1B

7. Gregor Blanco                   LF

8. Brandon Crawford            SS

1. Matt Cain  2. Madison Bumgarner (L)3. Tim Lincecum4. Barry Zito (L)

5. Ryan Vogelsong

Closer: Sergio Romo

The Giants have built a winning culture which always make them contenders late in the season.   Posey, Sandovol and Pence will hold the offense together and it is starting to look like Brandon Belt has finally figured out major league pitching and could put up some serious numbers.  Cain, Bumgarner, and Vogelsong are all coming off stellar seasons but Zito and Lincecum are complete wild cards.  They will find themselves in the playoffs and will be tough to beat in a series with three solid starters.



Adam Eaton

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Adam Eaton                       CF2. Martin Prado                      3B3. Aaron Hill                        2B4. Miguel Montero                  C

5. Paul Goldschmidt               1B

6. Jason Kubel                       LF

7. Cody Ross                         RF

8. Cliff Pennington                  SS

1. Ian Kennedy2. Trevor Cahill3. Wade Miley (L)4. Brandon McCarthy

5. Patrick Corbin (L)

Closer: J.J. Putz

A .500 club last year, Arizona will take a slight step back this season.  They replace Justin Upton with the newly acquired Cody Ross, and they will give 25 year old Adam Eaton, a .340 hitter career in the minors, a chance to play everyday in Chris Young’s old spot.  The middle of the rotation is young: Cahill (25 years old) Miley (26), Corbin (23.)  It will be interesting to monitor their progression throughout the season.



Chase Headley

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Everth Cabrera                 SS2. Chris Denorfia                   RF3. Chase Headley                 3B4. Carlos Quentin                  LF

5. Yonder Alonso                  1B

6. Jedd Gyorko                     2B

7. Cameron Maybin               CF

8. Nick Hundley                     C

1. Edinson Volquez2. Clayton Richard (L)3. Jason Marquis4. Eric Stults (L)

5. Freddy Garcia

Closer: Houston Street

San Diego had hopes of building on their 42-32 record after the All-Star break last season lead by Chase Headley. Unfortunately, Headley will be out to start the season and losing Yasmani Grandal will serve 50 game suspension. The losses of two key players and the Padres failure to add any big names in the offseason will keep them at the bottom of the division again this year.


Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez

Lineup Pitching Rotation
1. Dexter Fowler                   CF2. Josh Rutledge                   2B3. Carlos Gonzalez              LF4.Troy Tulowitzki                 SS

5. Michael Cuddyer               RF

6. Todd Helton                     1B

7. Willin Rosario                   C

8. Chris Nelson                    3B

1. Jorge De La Rosa (L)2. Jhoulys Chacin3. Drew Pomeranz (L)4. Juan Nicasio

5. Jeff Francis (L)

Closer: Rafael Betancourt

Colorado’s lineup, centered around Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki, looks on paper but it is always hard to tell just how good they are with their Coors inflated stats.  The team ERA was .44 higher than any team in baseball last season and the Rockies do not have any starters who posted an ERA below 4.43 or who worked more than 115 innings last season.  Those numbers could also be a factor of the ball park, but considering that Colorado’s opponents posted the 8th best ERA in MLB against them it is hard to blame the thin air.


AL- 1. Blue Jays 2. Angels  3. Tigers 4. White Sox 5. Orioles

NL- 1. Nationals 2. Cardinals 3. Dodgers 4. Giants 5. Reds

WS- Angels over Nationals in 5

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