Skip Bayless is Right

Skip Bayless is Right

How do you defend a man who makes a living defending himself?  I’m going to try.  It is almost impossible to find anyone who likes Skip Bayless nowadays.  ESPN lines up panelists every morning to attack Bayless so the blood-thirsty general public enjoy Bayless’s opponent constant jabs at Skip’s thoughts. It’s time for everyone to put all the Anti-Bayless rage aside, dig deeper and do a little research.  While Skip’s made for TV ego has gotten a little out of control which makes him an easy target for the public’s sports debate anger, looking at the facts will make anyone think twice before angrily refuting Bayless’s thoughts.

Bayless’s opinions are not formulated in the hour leading up to the show as most people assume.  According to a New York Observer interview, Bayless watches highlights and game tape for seven hours every evening.  He does not drink, he does not go out much, he watches sports.  It’s his job, it’s his passion.

Even though he will never admit that he has ever been wrong on a prediction (which he has been) if you look back he’s mostly right.  Viewers get too caught up in ESPN’s constant push for Tebow and Lebron stories which make Skip look bad.  But take a look at some of his other predictions that were viewed as laughable and it becomes evident that he is spot-on on many issues.  Before this NBA season he said the Heat would win the championship, LeBron James would stop trying to be a “villain,” the Spurs would face the Thunder in the Western Conference finals, and Dwight Howard would not get traded.  In April he said that LeBron would be unstoppable if he attacked the basket rather then take jump shots and that they Knicks would collapse in the playoffs because of their lack of team chemistry, both proved to be true in the playoffs.  Going back a little bit further, in 2001 Skip did the unthinkable by calling the universally liked Sammy Sosa a fraud. In 2003 Sammy Sosa got caught with a corked bat and was tested positive for steroids. In 2006 Bayless stated that Jay Cutler was the best quarterback in the draft over Vince Young and Matt Leinart.  Jay Cutler is the only quarterback in the 2006 draft that is a starting quarterback (unless Tavaris Jackson still counts.)   It is easy to knit pick at Bayless for single game predictions, but big picture he understands sports better then anyone else on television.

While Skip Bayless never played a game in any professional sport he has been covering football, basketball, and baseball for over 35 years.  He was given a column in the Dallas Morning News  at age 25 and then was given one of the highest salaries for any sports writer to switch to the Dallas Times Herald two years later.  Granted times are different now but if you are unfamiliar with how incredible that is for someone that young go to any major newspaper’s website, look at their sports columnists, and try to find someone under 40.  Bayless is now 60 and he is still in the forefront of the sports media world, and you don’t stay there by being wrong.

Bayless’s long career has allowed him to see generations of players making him one of the most informed sports scholars alive.  This makes his opinion more relevant then any former athlete who has spent the majority of their lives focused on their craft until they start covering sports after retirement. Bayless has been in locker rooms and behind the scenes of multiple sports franchises in multiple cities over the course of four decades.  And unlike many former athletes who have never won championships, Bayless has seen what it takes to win a championship.  He was following the Cowboys for all three of their Super Bowl victories ’92, ’93, and ’95, and the Bulls for their ’98 and ’99 championships.

All I’m saying is don’t go to Skip if you want to know how to hit a jump shot, or how to add 6” of break to your curveball, the guy’s never played anything.  DO GO to Skip to help you understand the inter workings of sports and a franchise that us sports civilians have never seen before.

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