NFL Draft Lawyer: Undrafted Free Agents

Client 1 -Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State


14,667 yards, 70% completion percentage, 142 touchdowns, 28 interceptions, 49-3 win-loss record in his career as a four year starter.  Moore’s a two time All-American, and has won three bowl MVPs.  Those numbers and accolades are staggering, but none of them mean anything to NFL scouts because Moore went to a Non-BCS school, and is just barely pushing 6′ tall, 197 pounds with below average arm strength and athleticism (the two most overrated attributes in a quarterback.)

Remind you of someone?

In 2000 a quarterback came out of a Non-BCS school, he amassed 13,477 yards, a 63% completion percentage, 115 touchdowns, 45 interceptions.  He also wasn’t the fleetest of foot, and scouts worried about his arm strength at the next level.  But unlike Moore, Chad Pennington was picked in the first round.  Pennington’s career was affected by injury, but when he was able to play he was an effective NFL  quarterback who ended his eleven year career with a quarterback rating of 90, 17,823 yards, 102 touchdowns, and 64 interceptions.  He was able to do so by using his football IQ and his accurate arm.  Moore’s football IQ is well documented as being one of the best of the quarterbacks coming out of the draft, and his accuracy has never been questioned.

“But Pennington was 6’3″, Moore is only 6’0″.”

Not an issue.  Drew Brees is roughly the same height as Moore and doesn’t have a problem.  The Detroit Lions (the team bringing Moore to camp) have an average line height of 6’4″, Moore’s 2011Boise State team had an average line height of 6’3″.  The average height of last year’s top rated defense, Houston Texans, was around 6’3.5.”  In Boise State’s toughest game last season against Georgia, the Bulldogs line averaged a height of 6’3″.  Moore went 28/32 with 261 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.  If a player of Moore’s size can get it done in the NFL, and if Moore has been competing against players of comparable size to NFL players, there is no reason to believe that Kellen Moore cannot get over the hurdle of being “too small” for the NFL.


Kellen Moore has shown he’s a winner.  He has a great football mind, and has an accurate arm; the two most important attributes for and NFL quarterback.  He can make an impact in the NFL and while Moore may never be Tom Brady, there is not any reason why he cannot be a solid starter/backup in the NFL like Pennington.

Client 2- Nelson Rosario, WR, UCLA

Rosario is the victim of being stuck at UCLA while the program was in shambles.  During Rosario’s four year career, UCLA never could figure out a reliable quarterback.  Because of this Rosario’s numbers suffered.  In his first three seasons as a Bruin Rosario was only able to grab 82 passes for 1,201 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Even with the continuing  quarterback issues in his senior season and extra attention from defenses, Rosario was able to bring in 64 catches for 1161 yards and 5 touchdowns.  He has NFL size at 6’5″, 219 lbs. and has made some incredible highlight real catches (YouTube him.)   He has also displayed his athletic ability on the track, long jumping for UCLA in the spring.

“He’s too slow.”

Yes, he ran a 4.62 40 time , but for a guy who is going to be asked to be a possession receiver in the NFL pure speed is not as important.  All that matters is that Rosario will be able to find space in coverage and make tough catches, something that he has no problem doing.

Rosario’s dimensions and style of play are very similar to former undrafted rookie Malcom Floyd of the San Diego Chargers.  Like Rosario, Floyd did not make much of a splash in college, but the skill set was always there.  Floyd has grown into valuable member of the Chargers receiving corps, and was even asked to be the primary target at times when Vincent Jackson missed time with contract issues in 2010.


Nelson Rosario would be a great add for any team in search of an extra pair of hands.  He should be able to find a niche in an offense as a secondary receiver.

Client 3- Marquette King, P, Fort Valley State

I’m not going to pretend I know anything about punters, but just watch this youtube video and tell me he doesn’t deserve a shot.

No more words should be needed, but I’ll add a few anyways.  King participated in the NFLPA College All-Star Game after this season.  He was the most talked about player in practice, which is unheard of for a punter.  Imagine what this guy could do with some NFL coaching (not to knock FVSU.)


Bring this guy to your camp and you won’t be disappointed. (UPDATE: He’s headed to Raiders camp.)

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